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Learning to Overcome Various life Experiences (L.O.V.E) Inc

Covered and Classy

Covered and Classy

ALL ABOARD.....This SHIP will depart shortly

Posted by Covered and Classy Ladies on February 28, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Good Night Blessed People,

Do you realize that tomorrow marks 16 days of the F.A.S.T(Frequently Abolishing Self and Trusting Him)? How has it been going for you? Were you able to keep to your fast? Did it seem as if that thing you are fasting from seemed more desirable? If it did, that is how the enemy works. Every time you begin to pick up your bible or pray, a lot of distractions may come your way.  You may suddenly become so tired and fall asleep or be interrupted by a phone call of a friend in need. The enemy knows that there is power in the WORD and he wants to keep you powerless. Continue to fight the good fight and grow more and more in Him and you will glow! People will notice something about you, that you may not even see yourself. Moreover, as promised we are here to provide further instructions for the upcoming weeks.

During this time of reflection, I was given some insight on identifying the type of person we are and the type of people we surround ourself with. I have concluded that we all fit into one or more of the three categories: those that HELP you, those that HALT (stop, bring to a close) you,and those that HARM you. Where exactly do you fit in? These next two weeks L.O.V.E. International Network challenges you to first truly examine yourself and your behaviors and patterns; next, examine the relationships that you have-these include but are not limited to, friendships and companionships.

Here are few questions for you to consider during your thorough evaluation:

1.       What are my goals in life? (if you have no goals for yourself this is a MAJOR problem- begin by setting small goals. ) For example, a small goal would say “today I will park my car further away from the store in an effort to get a little more exercise.”

a.       When setting goals you need to consider the following: Is it S.M.A.R.T?

           i.     S- specific (or clear)

           ii.     M- measurable (or meaningful)

          iii.     A- attainable (or action-oriented)

          iv.     R- relevant (or rewarding

           v.     T- time bound (or trackable)

2.      What are my dreams?

a.      Think about your ultimate career choices,places you would like to travel etc.

3.      What am I most passionate about?

a.       If you could do anything in the world (career wise) what would it be and why? Figure out the things you are most passionate about.

4.      What drives me to succeed?

a.       What are the things that make you want to do better and be better? (ie. Children,spouse, significant other, etc.) whatever or whoever  that driving force may beuse that person/thing and be the best you that you can be!

5.      What negative behavior patterns or habits do I have?

a.       If you say that you do not have any, you are mistaken. No one is perfect. Seek to identify the things/habits that may be detrimental to your physical, emotional and mental health.

6.      Do I value myself?

a.       Recognize your worth and realize that you deserve the very best in life. Stop settling for mediocrity and live the life of your dreams.


Once you have answered these questions about yourself then you need to examine how your personal relationships measure up in accordance to your responses. If people are not adding to your life, you need to rid yourself of them or change their “status” in your life. They should no longer be a friend but an acquaintance- someone who is not really a part of your inner circle. In life, letting go is very difficult but it is a necessity if we want to move on and be better people. Free yourself from negativity; do not allow goal less individuals to occupy space and time in your life.  I saw this awesome quote that was perfect for this blog…“A SHIP is designed to take you places so if your companionSHIP, friendSHIP, partnerSHIP or relationSHIP isn't taking you anywhere, then you need to let that SHIP go!!!!”  Stop holding on to stagnant “ships,” you will not pay money to go on a cruise to nowhere, right? Realize that you are far too valuable to not value your time. Do not continue to waste time on meaningless “Ships”. ALL ABOARD…..Self discovery has set sail! Enjoy the ride, discover the champion inside! Let us know how it works for you!

 As always remember, Be a blessing because you ARE blessed! I love you for reading!

 Yours truly,

 Meleny “DaBlessedOne” Thomas


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